staring into the night expecting it to stare back Print
15" x 10"


staring into the night expecting it to stare back, a colour photographic print.

Out of the black, out of the night, out of the deep.

The black sticks to us, clings to our luminescence in the scratchy streaks of an old, wide brush missing the tips of half of its bristles. A gap here and there to see what’s underneath and then, again, black. These sure-handed brush marks are occasionally punctuated with the grit from fertile soil, rolling and rubbed in as speckles. Distinct dark marks on our skin that we acknowledge as deeply individual, and which carry all the weight and value of growth and initiation.

We arrived with shadows of these marks. Soft blooms on shins borrowed from a twilight palette, freckles, and wind-rashed cheeks. Then as we sought the numinous – staring into the night expecting it to stare back – the black found us. The black knew then, as we only come to understand now, that you cannot enter such a liminal space and expect to depart unchanged and unmarked.

Printed as a Digital C-Type print on Fuji Matt 231gsm paper, which has a satin finish for a slight sheen.

15" x 10" with a .5" border (paper size 16" x 11")

Sold as an unmounted print. Hand signed.

All unframed prints are made to order. Please allow for 3-7 days processing time.