Pheasant Glasses
Set of six


Six small glasses with delightfully unusual pheasant designs.

Pheasant standoffs, a pheasant on the back of another pheasant, and a pheasant having a lie down and a lean with its friend. Quite honestly I'm a little concerned that the general theme is battle - and that these have been designed for use in a hunting lodge - but the designs could be seen in a friendlier light. I'll leave it up to your interpretation and/or imagination.

For dessert wine enjoyed in the spirit of companionship, an after-dinner toast of port celebrating your enemy's defeat, or a wee sherry or aperitif while cooking.

Good. All of the six glasses show some light scratching. Their bases have small dotted marks and texture in brown/black (more on some glasses than others) - this seems to have occurred during production.

The glasses appear to be handmade, with the designs either etched or engraved into the surface (I suspect a combination of both). There are 4 designs in total across the six glasses.

Height: 12cm
Diameter at rim: 5.7cm
(ish, glasses vary)

Wash by hand.