exhilaration Print
9" x 12"


exhilaration, a black and white photographic print.

Controlled brutality. The exhilaration of putting yourself in a space where there is mutual consent for violence, and the understanding that your body will collide with another's, with multiple bodies, for split seconds as soon as that riff kicks in, as soon as there are white hot flashes of light. Strobes freezing movement, otherwise blurred, as static fragments. Prettiness and decorum abandoned – this is our return to the primal.

From nine inch nails' show at the Royal Albert Hall on the 24th June 2018, iPhone photo during Head Like A Hole.

Printed as a Digital C-Type print on Fuji Matt 231gsm paper, which has a satin finish for a slight sheen.

9" x 12" with a .5" border (paper size 10" x 13")

Sold as an unmounted print. Hand signed.

All unframed prints are made to order. Please allow for 3-7 days processing time.