Coupe Glasses, Cut Decoration
Set of three

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Three coupe glasses with a cut glass design.

Made from clear glass roughly 2mm thick at the rim these are relatively sturdy - think more "joyous, carefree birthday celebrations" than "matching with fine china at a black tie dinner". Although I would honestly do both.

For classic 1920s style these would of course be filled with Champagne (as long as you don't mind the bubbles fading quickly). However, they're a versatile choice for a range of cocktails, including being a creative alternative to a martini glass. Aviations, french martinis, daiquiris... they'll all fare delightfully well in a coupe.

Good - light signs of wear.

The bases of the glasses show a circular texture and some small bubbles within the glass from when they were being made, while the undersides are slightly scratched from wear. Some additional signs of wear - scuffing/light scratches - around the bowls of the glasses.

* the glasses are not retouched in the product photos

Height: 10.5cm
Diameter at rim: 8.5cm

Wash by hand.